Mary Gardiner

Mary is a full time yoga teacher and student. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2016. Her love of yoga began when she got injured playing competitive sport, she used yoga as a way to recover from injury. Her personal practice has evolved form one that was purely physical to a well rounded physical, mental and spiritual practice. As a previous PE teacher, Mary used to teach yoga to her students who massively benefited physically and mindfully 

In 2016, Mary went on to complete her 200hr training with Frog Lotus and has since completed over 700 hours of training with world renowned teachers including Amy Ippoliti, Bryony Smyth, Jason Crandell and Jo Tastula. Mary is currently training to become a GentleBirth instructor and a brith doula. 

Her practice and teaching is grounded in safety, precision of alignment and an intelligent approach to more complex asana.

Mary is passionate about empowering students to develop their own practice and giving them the tools to do so. 


Shiva yoga studio is a luxurious, purpose built studio space where you can feel fully immersed in nature while practicing in a space that is warm, welcoming and inclusive 

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