Mary Gardiner

Mary is a qualified PE teacher and an avid sportsperson. Her yoga journey began as a result of an injury obtained when playing football. Initially her practice was used to facilitate recovery. Mary quickly fell for the practice and loved the physical challenge that came along with it. In 2016 Mary qualified as a yoga teacher and has been teaching and learning ever since. Her practice has evolved from purely physical to a balance between a mindful, philosophical and physical practice. Mary strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and prides herself in planning innovative classes that are accessible to all ages, genders, abilities and interests.
Mary teaches group classes to all abilities and is also available for the following classes;
⁃ Chair yoga for seniors
⁃ Yoga and mindfulness for schools
⁃ Private and semi-private classes
⁃ Corporate yoga
⁃ Wedding morning yoga


Welcome to our beautiful studio, a space designed for you.

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